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 Installing Pyxsoft Anti Malware

Software Requirements WHM/cPanel version 11.30 or superior Apache Web Server Mod Security...

 Uninstalling Pyxsoft Anti Malware

Uninstallation instructions1. Go to the folder: cd /usr/share/ilabs_antimalware/includes2....

 How do I enter the license code in the trial version?

If you have the trial installed and you already have a license code, follow the next steps to...

 Minimal ionCube version 5.0.0 required

Since Pyxsoft version 1.6.5, the ioncube loader version 5.0.0 is required.cPanel updated the...

 Ioncube not loaded in WHM 11.60

This issue is affecting WHM 11.60. The problem is about the ioncube loader not loaded in the...

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