Version 1.6.8 released

Version 1.6.8================- [NEW] Multipart Strict Checks selector (fix multipart false positives)- [FIX] Pyxsoft sent FTP related message every 10 minutes- [FIX] No more time stamp message when upgrading the software- [FIX] Last http uploads list disappeared when files with aphostrophes were showed- [FIX] SQL injection protection working ... Read More »

8th Sept 2017
Version released


- [FIX] Remote execution vulnerability (thanks to Thomas Standley)
- [FIX] Uninstallation script updated
- [FIX] Security improvements in scan process
- [FIX] Fixes log file's access rights after rotating
- [FIX] Removed pcre dependence at compile time

19th Jun 2017
version released


- [NEW] Select All button in Scan Report
- [NEW] Worpress REST API vulnerability protection added

14th Feb 2017
Version 1.6.5 released

Version 1.6.5=============- [NEW] Suggested actions with infected files- [NEW] HTML message after a server scan- [NEW] Daily scan results in HTML messages- [NEW] New table style in scan reports- [FIX] Pyxsfot scans all domains and subdomains (Thanks to Adrian Boldor)- [FIX] Blank scan report under specific circumstances- [FIX] Wrongly titled ... Read More »

11th Feb 2017
Version released


- [NEW] Recognition of real IP behind Sucuri
- [FIX] Honor Disable Brute Force Protection setting

20th Jan 2017
Version released

- [FIX] Ignore CloudFlare's IP in brute force protection
- [FIX] Improved real IP detection behind proxies in BFP
- [FIX] Message if there is no data in realtime protection
- [FIX] Redirection after captcha in Apache 2.2 systems

30th Dec 2016
Version 1.6.4 released

Version 1.6.4

- [NEW] Users can unlock their IPs due a BF lock resolving a captcha
- [NEW] Improved compatibility with CloudLinux when CageFS is active
- [NEW] Optimizations for Mod Security 2.9
- [FIX] SecUploadKeepFiles to RelevantOnly for ModSecurity 2.9 compatiblity

13th Nov 2016
Version 1.6.3 released

Version 1.6.3

- [NEW] New option to change license code
- [NEW] Display license owner and expiration data
- [NEW] A warning is displayed when using in beta mode
- [FIX] Trim spaces and CR-LF in license codes

20th Oct 2016
Version released

Version - [NEW] JCE Upload Vulnerability Protection - [FIX] "fatal handler" error message logged. - [FIX] Signatures & upgrades couldn'd be downloaded in some servers using CentOS 7 Mod Security 2.7 will be required for full protection. This update includes protection for the JCE Upload VulnerabiityJCE Vulnerability is an old ... Read More »

11th Feb 2016